Zoom Finance

We has developed a state of the art trading platform through blockchain technology quite unlike the existing financial architecture.

Through this same technology, Zoomfinance is able to create entirely new financial asset classes which derive their value from underlying blockchain-based assets. Financial products such as derivatives and margin trades allow zoomfinance shareholders to achieve superior risk management with their portfolios and in-turn we are able to generate returns for both our esteemed shareholders and the company.

In Summary, Our aim is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make transactions truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

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Account registration is free for all with no hidden charges and you can have multiple accounts too.

Transparency and Trust

We take transparency close to heart as we keep our investment current and readily available in your dashboard on login.

Good Return On Investment

Our ROI percentage is unlike any other platform and it comes easy without stress

24/7 Withdrawal

Feel free to withdraw at any time of your choice.



Overview of ZoomFinance exchange

Once our exchange is fully integrated with the platform.

Users will have complete access to trade 24/7.

Our multi-cryptocurrency exchange will enable users to securely store access to crypto-assets which includes "key-loss prevention" and solutions on the occurence of extreme events such as death of the user.

Users will be able to borrow or lend crypto-assets at preferential rates.

Will provide feature that allows a non-trader sign a smart-contract with our professionally rated traders to be able to manage their portfolio.

For interested traders

Please reach us via any of our contact details.

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Token Distribution

How our tokens are distributed

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